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In the Bahamas, the decorating and enjoying the holiday season is known as Christmas Jollification. Christmas trees are decorated in a wide range of colors. Most of them sport an array of bright colors not typically associated with the holidays. I have enjoyed seeing many beautiful trees, some of which are adorned with peacock feathers, jeweled fish and sequined birds. Since I know many of you are often in search of unusual color palettes to document your holidays, I thought I might share a few of these beautiful trees in an effort to inspire you.



My son and I always admire the sequined parrots. Some of the trees even feature life size  birds. This year, a little bejeweled parrot captured our attention and made his way home to  adorn our tree. I must also confess that this particular color formula is my favorite. The blend of sparkly silver/white with teal, blue and green elements is simply stunning!








I am not usually a fan of purple, but now that Pantone has announced Radiant Orchid as the  color of the year, I am keeping my eyes open for inspiration. This tree features soft shades of grey and silver intermixed with rich hues of purple and green. It’s not a blend I would have expected to love, but after seeing it put together on this Christmas Tree, I just might have to try it on a layout.






This palette features the traditional red, green and gold infused with a bit of hot pink. It provides  a wonderful opportunity to slip a little of that neon glow into your page design.







With so many beautiful decorations and time spent with our families, inspiration is sure to abound everywhere. I’ll be sure to keep my eyes peeled for more unusual inspiration. Meanwhile, I hope your holiday season is skating smoothly along.



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