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Holiday Color Formulas An Unusual Concoction!
Holiday Color Formulas An Unusual Concoction shares 3 nontraditional color palettes for your Christmas crafts and papercraft projects

In the Bahamas, the decorating and enjoying the holiday season is known as Christmas Jollification. Christmas trees are decorated in a wide range of colors. Most of them sport an array of bright colors not typically associated with the holidays. I have enjoyed seeing many beautiful trees, some of which are adorned with peacock feathers, jeweled fish and sequined birds. Since I know many of you are often in search of unusual color palettes to document your holidays, I thought I might share a few of these beautiful trees in an effort to inspire you.

Holiday Color formula 1 byMyScrapbookEvolution, features a Christmas Color palette with teal, silver and green

Use Teal, Silver and Green!

My son and I always admire the sequined parrots. Some of the trees even feature life size  birds. This year, a little bejeweled parrot captured our attention and made his way home to  adorn our tree. I must also confess that this particular color formula is my favorite. The blend of sparkly silver/white with teal, blue and green elements is simply stunning!

Take a supply hint from this tree and add in an unexpected motif. This is an especially great idea if you live in an area of the world in which snow isn’t a reality. Use a motif or symbol that reflects the area you live in. For example, if you spent Christmas in the Bahamas you could use parrots as a motif.

HolidayColor formula 2 by MyScrapbookEvolution is a nontraditional Christmas Color Palette featuring silver, purple and green. Click to see more color palettes.

Purple with silver and green make for an elegant Holiday Color Formula!

I am not usually a fan of purple, but now that Pantone has announced Radiant Orchid as the  color of the year, I am keeping my eyes open for inspiration. This tree features soft shades of grey and silver intermixed with rich hues of purple and green. It’s not a blend I would have expected to love, but after seeing it put together on this Christmas Tree, I just might have to try it on a layout.

Holiday Color formula 3 by MyScrapbookEvolution adds a bit of a neon glow to a traditional Christmas color palettes. Click to see more palettes.

Add a Neon Glow to a Traditional Color Palette!

This palette features the traditional red, green and gold infused with a bit of hot pink. It provides  a wonderful opportunity to slip a little of that neon glow into your page design.

Looking for a non traditional Holiday or Christmas color palette for your next scrapbook layout, DIY or craft project- Try one of these unusual concoctions

Holiday Color Formulas: An Unusual Concoction, part 2

Take a look at more Christmas Trees with nontraditional Christmas color palettes.

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