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In My Art Journal Sustainable Souls Stencil Mandala

Creating art can be a great form of relaxation. My latest obsession has been to use stencil as a jumping off point for creating mandalas.In honor of Earth Day, the artists of the Sustainable Souls Project created projects using a stencil. The stencil was created for us by Stencilgirl Stencils and is a reproduction of the Sustainable Souls Project logo. This sustainable souls stencil mandala is not really circular in nature. Rather, it starts off in the center of my art journal spread and radiates outwards.

I find using a stencil to create a mandala to be very rewarding. I can quickly create a project that looks and feels complex yet it is simple and easy to make. I invite you to look at your stencils in a new way. Yes, they are one whole design, but they are also comprised of many smaller parts. Each of those smaller parts can be re-imagined into new designs. Each time you use the stencil, you can create a very different design than the last one. While the overall design should have some balance, it need not be perfect. This is about the joy of creating and not the finished product.
Sustainable Souls Project Stencil Mandala by Christy Strickler: featuring a recycled magazine art journal
Sustainable Souls Project Stencil Mandala by Christy Strickler |Supplies Art Journal: Recycle magazine; Stencil: StencilGirl;Paint Marker: Posca; Watercolor Crayons:Neocolor; Other: Acrylic Paint,Gesso,pencil
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