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Know Your Scrapbook Starting Points- Begin with the Product


The download seemed to take forever though in reality it only took a few seconds. I waited impatiently for the file to unzip and then began cruising through each folder. Whenever I get a new digital kit, I always need to click on each image and scroll through every single one. Sometimes I do this  a few times, picking and choosing my favorite items from each kit and making notes of physical supplies that I could use along with it. This is one of those times when a layout begins with the product and not the story.

When you begin with the product, you then have to find  the right photos to go along with it. I had just received a birthday themed kit from Traci Reed Designs, so I knew to head directly to any folders dated with my family’s birthdays. Sometimes, just knowing the theme of the kit can narrow down your photo selection and search time. This particular birthday kit had some elements which I felt would work well for a younger child( my ulterior motive was to use several specific embellishments from the kit, namely the panda and/or giraffe on my page), so I was able to narrow my search down even further to folders containing birthdays from my son’s early years. Once the photo were chosen, edited and printed, I set to work making my layout.




Layouts always come together easily when you love the supplies you are working with. This page was no exception. I adore the cute animals and the text background paper.


Christy-Strickler, My Scrapbook Evolution for Traci Reed DesignsBirthday Boy by Christy Strickler |Supplies Cardstock: Bazzill; Digital Kit: All Year Round-Celebrations by Traci Reed Designs and Jady Day Studios; Based on a sketch from  

When a kit is themed, it’s no surprise that the product often comes before the story. Certainly, this is a birthday page but the story doesn’t have to stop there. Each birthday is it’s own special event. Look beyond the theme of the kit for a simple tale to include about that particular birthday. In this case, I documented how my son had other birthday parties with relatives and friends, none of which occured on his actual birthday. We didn’t want him to go without cake on his real birthday, so we got a small store bought cake to share at home with just the three of us.

Do you find that themed products are sometimes a starting point for you?

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All Year Round Celebrations by Traci Reed Designs and Jady Day StudioAll Year Round: Celebrations by Traci Reed Designs and Jady Day Studio






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