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A Peek into my Expat Life. Experiments with Crafts, Home Decor, Mixed Media and Art Journaling.

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These Foolish Things, a look #behindtheblogger

These Foolish Things, a look #behindtheblogger

I have talked about it off an on, but maybe not directly enough. We're expats and we live a very minimalist lifestyle. Now there are a lot of images that come to mind for many people when I say that. Many of these images often include a very well manicured home with...

The Lucky One, a look #BehindtheBlogger

The Lucky One, a look #BehindtheBlogger

Am I the lucky one? My philosophy on luck is probably a little bit different than most. In many ways, I equate luck with gratitude. It's sort of a cup half empty versus cup half full scenario. You can choose to see the good in any situation and you can choose to...

The Sustainable Souls Project: Extreme Weather and Art

The Sustainable Souls Project: Extreme Weather and Art

In this month's challenge for the Sustainable Souls Project, we chose to take on the concept of extreme weather. Bringing weather into art form seemed a bit challenging for me at first. Weather, rather extreme or mild, is something that is experienced by multiple...

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I was raised in a family that loved to read. I have raised my son the same way.  There is always at least one book in the process of being read waiting in my kindle or laying on a bedside table. Check out what I’m currently reading. If the book intrigues you, pop on over to through my affiliate links below and grab yourself a copy!

There is a movie coming out later on this year. Time to review the book and share it with my son.

This is an anthology of comic books about Rocket Racoon and Groot.  I got it for my son after the first Gaurdians of the Galaxy movie. Groot is my favorite character and this has been a wonderful way to get to learn about his origin as as well as Rocket’s beginnings.


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