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What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of strawberries? I think of red, pink, picking berries at a farm, and the word sweet. One of my son’s favorite fruits are strawberries. When he was little, I took him to a hydroponic u-pick your own farm. The strawberries were gorgeous and my son just loved the idea of getting to pick his own fruit. Little did he know that the strawberries we were picking were actually very sour.


U-Pick by Christy Strickler Supplies| Patterned Paper: October Afternoon, My MInd’s Eye; Letters,Brad: Sassafrass; Chipboard: Cosmo Cricket; Tape: Glitz Designs; Buttons: My Mind’s Eye; Epoxy: KI Memories; a layout created for Get It Scrapped





 I use both colors and motifs in my layouts to make my stories meaningful to me. Trellises remind me of gardens and growing plants. It was the perfect pattern to use here. I added in vintage ads with farm and garden equipment to support the theme of the layout. The chevron print emphasizes the discord between the thought that the strawberry should be sweet when in reality it was sour. My grandfather grew up on a farm and often told me of how they documented their crops in a ledger. This pink ledger paper helps support that memory as well as reminding me of pink berry juice.

The photo placement helped me to decided how to organize this layout. It came first and the layout was then designed around it. As my son was picking the strawberries, he was looking to the right. He is looking almost toward the camera when he has his full bucket. As soon as we reached the car, he wanted to sample a berry. You can see how he is now looking sort of left and toward the camera. I printed wallet size photos so that I could arrange the pictures in a series which depicts the full story. I especially adore my son’s expression after he tried a sour berry!

As you can see, I don’t find it a problem to use pink on a layout about a boy. I did choose to pull yellow from my son’s shirt.I liked the way it contrasted with the pink. The light blue and grey works well with this pastel palette. I added in a touch of green along with the pops of red from the strawberries. These pops of color form a visual triangle on the layout. Don’t be afraid of pastel colors. Whether you have a boy or a girl to document, look for colors that support the story. It’s not necessary to choose or disregard colors based on the gender of the subject.







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