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The Hybrid Experiment Title Treatment

The title is a very important part of any layout. It gives an immediate cue to the theme of your story. However, sometimes, when you go hybrid, your title can fall flat.

How can we add a little dimension and interest to our title? Let’s examine the elements that go into adding layers and dimension to printed letters. I will walk you through my thought process as I created the title for this layout.



Printed hybrid elements such as paper and embellishments

Printed hybrid title or letters to create a title


Scrapbook embellishments such as jewels, buttons or stickers

Glossy accents (optional)


Since we are focusing on the title, I have gone ahead and built the majority of the layout. We’ll pick up where I begin to add the title and embellishments.


Step One The kit I chose to work with had a pre-made title. I printed it on a sheet of 4×6 cardstock. It’s a little large, so I need to decide how to trim it down.


My first option is to simply trim down the excess white space to create a title card. It would then be a matter of dressing up the title card with hand stitching and small embellishments such as jewels. While there is nothing wrong with this option, I am going to take another route. Using a plain title card just doesn’t convey the activity in my photo.


I have decided to fussy cut the letters out. I want to leave a little bit of white edging. I outlined the letters with a pencil so that I will know where to cut.


Step Two Now that the letters have been cut, I can begin adding some details. Outlining the letters with a pen will help them stand out more when I add them to the layout. Adding layers isn’t always about physical dimension. You can use pens, stamps, or paint to add subtle details and layers that don’t add bulk.


Step Three Mounting some of the letters on chipboard helps to raise them up just a bit. If you want your letters up higher, add an extra layer of chipboard. I could use pop dots, but they won’t provide the support I need if I choose to heavily embellish the letters. Staggering the letters and laying them over the top of each other makes the title more fun.


Step Four (optional) You can add Glossy accents to your letters and paper embellishments to create more dimension. Just be aware that some inks will run depending upon your printer and the type of paper you used. I recommend testing the glossy accents on a piece of printed scrap paper before using it on your layout. This is also where backing the letters with chipboard came in handy. If my letters were on pop dots, they may have curled or bowed as the glossy accents dried.


Step Five There are many ways to embellish the title. I first considered the option of lining each letter with beads or pearls. Sequins would have also worked.


Instead, I opted to use small wood veneer stars. I like how they contrast with the colors of the title letters. When choosing items to embellish your title, consider how they work with the letters. Do you want them to be subtle? Then choose items that are the same color and tone. If you want them to stand out, look for colors or textures that contrast with the title letters.


I staggered the stars in an up and down type motion to mimic the jumping movement in the photo. I used an odd amount of stars on the title. Odd groupings are more visually interesting than even sets of objects.


I placed the button on the P to complete a visual triangle with the buttons in the embellishment clusters. The lines of the triangle intersect my photo and keep it the main focus of the layout.


Your title doesn’t need to be complex to be interesting. It should reflect the tone of the layout and support the story. Letter placement will depend upon whether or not you want a calm or active title. Staggering your letters up and down adds energy. Leaving them on a straight line can feel more formal. Overlapping letters can help the title feel cozier. Play with your letter placement to help set the mood for the story.


Look for embellishments that support the story while adding subtle dimension to the title. Don’t forget that pens, stamps, stencils and paints can add layers without adding a lot of bulk. Look for opportunities to add items that will emphasize the focal point. Keep in mind that the title interacts with all of the elements of your layout.


Jump by Christy Strickler |Supplies Cardstock: Colorbok; Mist: Pink Paislee; Wood Veneer: Studio Calico, Freckled Fawn; Brads: Basic Grey; Flowers: Prima; Die: Sizzix; Digital papers, title, flash card, embellishments: Jump by Jenn Barrette; Other; buttons; This tutorial orginally appeared in Scrapbook News and Review Magazine.

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