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*updated: Simple Scrapper is holding Photo Crush again from February 16-22nd. Sign up for free at Simple Scrapper.

It’s so easy for a digital photo library to get out of control. We have access to multiple cameras and can take new pictures daily. Good photo organization is key for any scrapbooker who wants to tell her stories efficiently. But what’s the best way to organize?



Photo Crush is a free week long organization challenge from Simple Scrapper. We’ll be joining Jennifer Wilson as she gives us tips for coming up with a photo organization master plan. The challenges takes place online and at your own pace. Best of all, this event is FREE!

It’s been about a year since I visited my photo work flow. Though I am a member of the Simple Scrapper design team,I believe there is always room for self improvement. This challenge is the perfect opportunity. I will be personally joining the Photo Crush Challenge with the following goals in mind: establishing easier ways to find photos when I need them, weeding through some of my folders to rid myself of duplicate shots,and possibly, establishing a better way to capture and sort my heritage photos. How do you store your photos? Are you happy with your photo work flow? If you are frustrated with the way you currently store your digital photos and want a better system to organize them, then this challenge is for you. Remember, it’s free to join!Click here for more information.



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