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The last few months have been so busy for me. Not in a bad way, but rather a good one. My son is in his later years of high school and I find myself wrapped up in a series of homeschool activities. I was feeling a bit guilty about neglecting my blog, but several friends have reminded me that I am focusing on what is important. I really am enjoying this time with my son. Coincidentally, we are studying Environmental Science this year and the topic of this month’s Sustainable Souls Project has been part of our regular school discussion. The world population is growing and with that growth comes a major impact on the Earth’s resources.

Despite being busy, I have been managing to find creative time here and there. Having some background pages ready to go has been a huge plus for me. The background for this art journal spread was actually created several months ago inside one of my recycled magazine journals. I felt the color palettes ( black with greens, blues and yellows) was perfect for the population theme. The green and blue remind me of planet Earth while the yellow and black lend a sense of unease to the page.

I drew part of a face and some arrows onto water color paper and after adding the details, I cut them out then collaged them into the page spread. I am finding this technique to be useful. It provides a bit of dimension on the page. Cut scraps are then layered into other parts of my journal to start backgrounds for future journal pages.

I had originally used an older math themed stamp from Club Scrap when I created the background for the pages. The numbers loosely hint at population growth. Placing the face onto the background covered one set of numbers and I really feel like the page needed more for a bit of coherence. I pulled the stamp back out and added another set of numbers to the face.

Overall, I like how the page turned out. However, if I had it to do over again, I would not have written the quote in purple. It really does not stand out. I was attempting to have it contrast with the background yet it still feels like it blends in a bit. In case you are having difficulty reading it, the quote is from Jacques Cousteau and reads ” Population Growth is the primary source of environmental damage.”

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