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Quick and Easy Crafts: Sugar Skull Pumpkin Treat Holders

When it comes to seasonal crafting, I have two challenges. As my son has gotten older, it’s been harder to find activities and crafts to make Halloween special. Over the recent years( especially this past year in a new city), I feel like I am in a time crunch when it comes to crafting and decorating. I needed something fast and easy that would pique the interest of a teenager. These Sugar Skull Pumpkin treat holders met all of the criteria. My son found them interesting ( homeschool parents can work in a bonus lesson on the culture of Mexico). The prep time was minimal. The supplies were low cost and easy to find. If you feel busy and are looking for a quick craft, these are perfect whether it’s just a quick creative exercise for you or a craft for you and the kids( regardless of their age).

Supplies for the Sugar Skull Pumpkin Treat Holders

  • Plastic Pumpkins. I found 3 tiny pumpkins in a package at our local grocery store. Any size plastic pumpkin will work. It’s up to you to decide upon how big or small a sugar skull pumpkin you want to create.
  • Gesso or White spray paint. If you don’t want an orange pumpkin, you will need something to cover the orange and prime the plastic with. I used white gesso because I am currently living in a multistory apartment building. I don’t have great ventilation for the use of spray paint.Spray paint would certainly have been quicker and easier to use. However, using the gesso gives you a little extra sit down and chat time with your child.
  • Acrylic Paint in whichever colors you desire for your pumpkin. We kept our choices simple with just black, orange, blue, red and purple.
  • Paint brushes. A larger brush for painting the gesso and white acrylic paint base on. A fine detail brush for adding in the color and designs.

Once You have gathered your supplies, you are ready to paint!

Sugar skull pumpkin treat holders are a quick and easy craft for any age
The hardest part about making these sugar skull treat holders was knowing when to stop decorating them! My son and I both enjoyed ourselves. We have plans of painting a larger pumpkin next year. I also have a desire for more crafting! We still have a few more weeks of October left to create some Halloween goodies. My project was part of a craft collaboration. Be sure to hop over to Erin’s YouTube Channel. She has some cute Halloween treat holders of her own to share!
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