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Equality, Love, Freedom, Acceptance. These words have been in the forefront of many conversations lately. The world feels very divisive causing many to ask what separates us and what makes us all the same. It’s hard to see the sameness when someone feels angry, sad or isolated. It’s hard to see the sameness when you don’t even realize you are living in a bubble. Make no mistake, we’re all in a bubble of some sort. Daily life does that to you. You get caught up in whatever you’re doing…being mom, cleaning house, cooking, blogging, working. It envelops you until you can’t see outside of your everyday rhythm. It’s not necessarily a bad thing. It can be hurtful though when you fail to see the big picture.

It happens to me. My everyday activities become demands of the utmost importance and I forget for awhile that the world is outside my home. Occasionally something hits hard against the bubble and I remember to look outside. Other times, I realize I need to  withdraw inside to protect myself. In many ways, my time creating crafts, scrapbooking or art journaling has become a way to rejuvenate myself. I can retreat into this tiny bubble around my work space, leave the world out and just create. It is as act of self care that I have found necessary to function. It is also in many ways, now becoming a voice for the things I believe in. From inside that protective bubble, I can view the world as an observer, place my thoughts into art and share my message.

As a blogger, we are often told you must choose a path and stick to it. That path splits into two directions. You can’t evidently walk both lines. At least I have been told you are not supposed to. On one path, you hold politics, ethics and beliefs in private. You stick to a strict script, staying away from anything controversial. On the other path, you open up and share. You let people see what you believe and share more of yourself.



For many years, I have stayed on the less controversial path.As I have begun to delve into art journaling, I am beginning to see that it’s not possible to remain that way. Art has a way of drawing out the thoughts and feelings of its creator. I see now that my art is evolving. I feel braver and my voice is growing strength. It has begun to shout from the pages of my art journal. I want to share it on my blog but I also realize  that I can not share without switching over to the other path. It’s not my goal to preach or lecture with it. Not all of the thoughts in my art journal are deep ones. I can not predict how an art prompt will move me or what it will reveal. It is more a matter of understanding that I am now brave enough to show it to you and that, depending upon the mood I was in whilst creating it, there may be a message in the art. I am still yet a budding artist in many ways, but like anyone who creates, I hope my message is received. I understand I have no control over how the viewer receives the message. In that understanding, I have realized that I am no longer afraid.

What separates us from one another also makes us the same. I am a mom, a wife, an optimist. I have hopes. I have dreams and sometimes, I have a lot weighing heavily on my mind. Some of what I wish for or think about is trivial. Some of it deep and heavy. It all varies from one moment to the next and I am just trying to be happy, to create, to live. I have a lot to say, but for now, I think I have rambled on enough.


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