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When it comes to creating a title for a scrapbook layout, we often default to whichever set of letter stickers best matches the color palette of the scrapbook page. Creating interesting titles isn’t hard. It’s more of a matter of approaching both our supplies and our layouts with a whole new perspective. Title play is the act of finding that perspective. It happens when we allow ourselves to see our supplies in a whole new light. Let’s explore six ways we can play with the title treatments for our next scrapbook pages.

1. Don’t Be Afraid to Alter the Letters to Fit Your Scrapbook Layout Color Scheme

This scrapbook layout dates back to the days I was a creative team member for JBS Mercantile.  It features two of the tips I am sharing today.I had been sent some letter stickers to play with for an article on the JBS Mercantile blog. I immediately loved that the letter stickers were neutral and that they allowed me to alter them with a marker. I know this tip comes up frequently around the web. However, I feel it’s worth mentioning again. So many of us forget we can do this. I like to keep a few white and cream letter stickers in my stash so that I can alter them in a pinch. If you don’t have white or cream letter stickers, die cut some out of white cardstock and then use your markers to achieve the color you want. If you have acrylic paint in your stash, consider painting the letter stickers. Just don’t forget that darker letters might need a coat of white paint before you add your desired color.


2. Stagger, Layer and Stitch

For added title interest, stagger letter stickers over a piece of scrap paper, then stitch them down. It adds both movement and texture to the title. On this layout, I stitched mine to vellum. You can see a few closeup shots of how I created this title in the original blog post here. 

3. Create a Title with Blocks

For this particular page, I created a block title with letters printed from a digital kit. Going Hybrid will allow you to easily alter the color of the blocks to match your scrapbook page. You can see the full tutorial in this blog post. If you don’t want to use a digital alphabet, you can easily create your own blocks by cutting squares from scrap cardstock and the adhering letter stickers.

4. Mix and Match Letters from Different Stickers Packs Along with Word Art

Don’t be afraid to use letters from different packages or even to mix word art into your title. If you are interested in going hybrid, you can choose what you need from digital kits and mix them with items from your physical stash.The different sizes and textures will create visual interest while you do a lot of stash busting. You can find tips for how to do this quickly and easily in this blog post.

5. Use Pocket Page Cards to Create a Quick and Easy Title

If you are short on time or simply in the mood for a little stash busting, grab a pocket page card and let it act as your title. In this blog post, you will find 4 examples of how I did this along with some tips for fitting them into your scrapbook layout.

6. Let Your Story Inspire Your Title

I know you are probably thinking that you do this already. I am referring to going a little deeper into the story of the page than say ” Easter Morning” or ” A Day at the Beach”. While there is nothing wrong with a simple title, finding a title that has more depth will make for a more impactful scrapbook page. Take the page above, for example. It’s Easter morning with my son, but told with my dog’s perspective in mind. My dog is patiently waiting for the answer. Seeing this story both drove my title, my journaling and the products I chose to use. You can read more about it in the original blog post.

Now it’s your turn for some title play!

Creating interesting titles is easy, just  choose your starting point to figure out the best route for you. Will it be product or photos/story that come first? Each of the ideas above can be used alone or mixed and matched to create amazing title. Title play is all about experimenting. Speaking of which, if you have some scrapbook pages with amazing titles, please feel free to share a link to your page ( be it a blog post or gallery image) in the comments to this post below.

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