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It’s not Christmas, but I made an ornament anyway. I had the intention of making it in December. Both this December and the one the year prior. It just didn’t happen. In 2015, we had just made an international move. My craft stuff didn’t arrive until the week of Christmas and so I set aside the materials for the ornament with the goal to get them done by December 2016. The supplies became lost somewhere in my craft closet and thus totally forgotten until I found them again the week after Christmas.

I know I am not the only one to do something like this. We all have the best of intentions to craft and create. Many of us have more ideas for creating things than the time to do so or the good sense to realize it. That doesn’t mean having all of those ideas is bad. It just means we sometimes need a reality check. This month, my reality check ( and my motivation) comes in the form of the January Crafty Destash Challenge.

Let’s make that ornament!

My project is pretty simple. I had bought some paper Christmas coasters from Ikea in December of 2015. I set one aside with the plan of turning it into an ornament to commemorate our first Christmas in our new apartment. All that was needed to convert them into ornaments were ribbon, string, an eyelet setter, and a few embellishments. You can follow along and make your own with these simple steps:

Add your eyelet to the paper coaster.
Gather string and embellishments for your ornament. The embellishments are optional. You can literally just tie the string through the punched eyelet and be done.
If you are going to add embellishments, you can do so at this stage. Just make sure the glue dries before continuing.
I wanted to add a bow to the ornament hanger, but was concerned that it would not stay fastened to the string with glue. I gathered an embroidery needle and some thread. The bow is one that was leftover from some holiday product packaging. Recycle a bow like I did or make your own.
Start by threading the needle to the knot at the top of of the string.
Run the needle through the bow, then run it back again through the knot. Gently pull the ribbon down close to the knot. Add a few more stitches through the knot and the bow to secure it to the string.
I am kind of kicking myself for taking so long to complete this project. It was literally completed in under half an hour. This makes me want to find more paper coasters to use as ornaments for seasonal banners.

What project will you make from your stash? Be sure to visit all of the blogs on the January Crafty Destash Challenge hop for more inspiration. If you create something and want to share your own project, you can do so by leaving a link to it in the comments below. There is no particular order to the blog hop. Just click on whichever project catches your eye next.

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