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Story Prompts from Pocket Page Filler Cards


There are times in which I take a series of photos that have no story. I simply choose to snap and click without much thought. Usually this is the case when my son is talking or maybe we are just sitting somewhere and I think to take his photo.The pictures I chose for this next layout were taken while sitting at a restaurant. The goal wasn’t to capture our meal. Rather, I liked the lighting and my son was agreeable to taking a few photos. It was a great way to pass the time while we waited to eat. These are the types of photos I use to tell stories which I have no pictures for.


ChirstySFeb15PL You are My Greatest Adventure by Christy Strickler |Supplies Digital Kit: February 2015 Pocket Life by Traci Reed; Glitter Glue: Stickles













Tip: Skim through your pocket page cards for title ideas or story prompts for your journaling.


I have a lot of supplies for Pocket Pages( many digital and an absurd amount of Project Life core kits). Some of those supplies may often be themed. This can pose a problem for you if you don’t have the photos to work with those themes. When this happens, look to the filler cards and title cards to weave your story.

This page was inspired by the card which reads ” You are my greatest adventure.” It reminded me of the words to a book I read my son when he was small. Every year at Christmas, I would read him You are my Miracle  (You can find this book on Amazon). The phrases in the book are similar to the phrase on the title card. Each one offering up a comparison of what the mother was to her child. In the journaling, I wrote about the book and about some of my favorite lines from the book. I had never photographed us together while we read it. I could however use these photos of my son and the kit the card came from to document the story. Project Life core kits and digital scrapbook kits make it easy to color coordinate the right products. Even though the story doesn’t take place in February, the kit works. This is a page documenting a moment in time with my son and how much I love him.


Tip: Don’t take the phrase on the filler cards literally.


It’s easy to take the title and filler cards from pocket page kits literally. When we do so, we risk not making the most use of the kit. Read through the words and phrases on those cards and think about what associations they have for you. Find the perfect photo and document the story. The perfect photo need not be specifically from that event you are documenting. You can easily use a photo you shot just for fun.

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b92efedbbee3a96183d7fd4eaef74275Pocket Life 2015, February Collection by Traci Reed






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