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Today I am sharing a post for prompt three of Effy Wild’s blog along challenge. I suppose I should say day three, but let’s face the facts… I did not post on the 3rd day. I skipped one and technically as I write this, we are seven days into September. I am making the challenge mine. Shaping it. Bending it to fit me. I might not be blogging every day but here I am, just a few posts in, feeling new energy for my blog again. That means goal achieved. Now I just need to keep up the momentum and build it. I think I will finish all the posts for this challenge, just not necessarily within the original time constraint.

Blogging along with this challenge has meant delving into concepts that can be taken lightly or in a manner that is quite deep. When it comes to my blog, I feel that what I share is genuine. It’s me-often serious or overly analytical. I have a tendency to hold back a bit. My posts are not emotional( which can be good or bad depending on your perspective). Which brings me to today’s post. Beliefs.  I am not going to talk religion today. I am also not going to directly talk politics. Perhaps I should, but I won’t. Earlier this year, I wrote about how many of the things I believe or stand for will appear in my art journaling. And yes, they definitely will. Art has long been a way to express belief and to make a statement. It should. People should stand up for what they believe in. However, at the same time that a piece of art can make a statement, it can also quite simply be an act of stress relief…a release. That’s what my art journaling has been ( and still remains) for me.

Sometimes the pages are just whimsical doodles. Other times the art journal spreads hold a message. When I create them, I am not in a place of argument. I am simply documenting a sentiment or a statement of how I feel or of what I believe. Yes, there are times in which I am ready to discuss these topics, to speak out or to even act. Creating art is usually not one of them. In those moments, I am taking a break and just recharging myself. When I share the page, I might not be in a place to make an argument or to talk about what is represents. That’s when the page needs to speak for itself and the viewer can take it or leave it.

Here are a few blog posts that I feel best summarize my beliefs. You are welcome to comment on them ( be nice! No Trolls!) or just take them in visually. If you have art journal pages of your own that you feel visually represent something you believe in, please  share a link in the comments.

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